Standard & Compliance

Access to Earth Markets Mauritius platform is regulated by Slow Food International Protocol based on set standards reflecting 3 Slow Food principles: Good, Clean and Fair.

Producers must demonstrate their suitability before they are permitted to sell on Earth Markets Mauritius regulated platform.

The regulated producers offer healthy, quality food to consumers at fair prices and guarantee environmentally sustainable methods while preserving the food culture of the local community and contributing to defend local biodiversity.


Fresh, local heritage, seasonal, healthy, tasty and homemade.

The produce are evaluated using Slow Food parameters of gastronomic excellence: Complexity, Balance and Local Character.

  • Naturalness of your produce
  • The products are natural and obtained using traditional production processes that respect the environment.
    Organic, biodynamic or similar types of certification are respected

  • Local Foods
  • The products sold must represent a culturally homogeneous community and come from Mauritius or Rodrigues.
    At the discretion of EMM Management Committee, non-local food communities may appear as guests at Earth Markets.
    Artisans produce to be closely linked to local food or local tradition


Environmentally sustainable cultivation, production and consumption processes that does not harm the environment, animal welfare and human health.

  • Environment and Sustainability
  • No use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals.
    Produce that contribute to defending biodiversity and help to preserve the food culture of the community.
    Respecting the surrounding environment, limit production of waste and properly dispose of it.
    Energy saving initiatives are strongly encouraged.
    The materials used for tastings and packaging must be biodegradable wherever possible.

  • GM Free
  • The use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is prohibited at all stages of production


Accessible prices for consumers and fair compensation and conditions for producers.

The prices charged on Earth Markets platform must be transparent, properly labelled and must meet criteria of fairness both in properly remunerating the work of producers and in fairly treating consumers.

Are you interested to be verified to access Earth Markets Mauritius platform ?

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