With this slogan, Earth Markets has been launched in Mauritius in 2016 at Tamarin with follow up editions in Goodlands, Grand Bay, Trianon and Port Louis. Developed as a sustainable platform to promote a healthier diet and a healthier planet without the use of pesticides, Earth Market Mauritius gives access to regulated planters, community gardens, school gardens and backyard gardens to sell their chemical free produce directly to responsible consumers.

Earth Markets is a regulated farmers market created and run by local communities of the Slow Food International network according to set market and product protocols. Earth Markets are present in many countries and operated in Mauritius by Biodiversity Preservation.

Promoting exchange of knowledge and values, Earth Markets is a platform built according to a multidisciplinary approach to food, one that provides a source of nourishment produced in an environmentally friendly way while respecting and protecting cultural identity, history and local traditions in a space of meaningful exchange.

Earth Markets is not simply a place where food is bought and sold but farmers markets are an important feature of short supply chains as an alternative supply strategy enabling responsible local producers to regain an active role in the food system.

A short supply chain is a vital element in building local economies and focuses on local production with food miles that minimize the number of steps involved , the distance travelled by food and therefore reduce our ecological and carbon footprint.

The micro-economies of local communities have the potential to work in a way that is financially rewarding and respectful of surrounding ecosystems, human health and cultures while fostering solidarity and conviviality.