Standard & Compliance

Biodiversity Preservation proposes the narrative label to tell the story of a regulated local produce.

Generally a label does not take into consideration what is behind a product and does not allow the consumers to understand if a food is produced in a way that respects the environment or social justice.

According to Slow Food International, the quality of a food product is vital and only a narrative can restore a product’s true value.

This is why Biodiversity Preservation has launched Earth Markets Mauritius (EMM) Planters Narrative Label in 2017.

EMM Planters Narrative Label is a counter-label that provides precise information on:

  • Variety
  • Describe the main characteristics of the variety including information on its history and facts about its production

  • Territory
  • Point out where it is produced (the region and the area where the growing is done, characteristics of the production area and any details that make the product particularly unique)

  • Cultivation
  • How much land is cultivated
    Where the seeds come from: if they are bought (and where) or if they are saved by the farmers themselves. Specify the period in which the seeds are planted and the planting technique
    How the soil is worked and with what kinds of systems or equipment, focusing on any interesting elements: use of poles, crop rotation (and which kinds)
    Specific types of irrigation used (drip, overhead)
    Types of weeding employed (mechanical, chemical)
    How and with what the land is fertilized
    If other treatment for disease and pest control are used and which ones

  • Harvest and storage
  • Describe in which period harvest takes place and by which method
    Cleaning, storage and packaging techniques

Click here for more details on 6 criteria to meet to be eligible