The MV Wakashio oil spill is an unprecedented ecological disaster faced by Mauritius in 2020 putting at risk our local biodiversity and flora. Thousands of concerned citizens engaged in the shore clean-up operation as a massive power advocating for transparency by decision-makers and accountability. On one side, we have witnessed how concerned youth mobilized around Mauritius for the making of booms while on the other side, we have experienced how ecoliteracy is at infancy level in Mauritius.

Committed to boost environmental awareness, Biodiversity Preservation has pioneered an innovative ecoliteracy program targeting schools in the Grand Port region. To engage students on eco-innovation, a series of creative workshops were delivered in 2022 to generate ideas on how to integrate ecoliteracy as a cross-curricular program. As a result, a 3-fold ecoliteracy toolkit has been developed by students for students based on their active participation, motivation and commitment :

➤   Production of a clip on the making of an innovative ecoliteracy program

➤   Development of a community card game with Q&A addressing 12 environmental themes

➤   Creation of slams as a chain reaction to engage more students expressing themselves on nature

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